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Today’s calf is tomorrow’s dairy cow

As farmer, you want a healthy dairy cow with a high life production. Various studies have shown that the weight at calving is vital for a high life production. Recent studies show that promoting adolescent growth in a calf has considerable influence on the later production of the animal as dairy cow. Stimulating early growth should thus be a priority in modern rearing.


Feeding level milk powder

The milk period during the raising of the calf lays the basis for the further development of the calf into a heifer. In recent years, Tentego has carried out research at its own testing stations into the influence of the feed level on adolescent growth. These studies show that a higher feed level of milk powder leads to a higher end weight at weaning.


Measure to be sure

To be sure that the required growth is being achieved, it is important to determine regularly the weight of your young stock. A simple way of doing this is to measure the girth of the rib cage and then to determine the weight using the handy Tentego growth curve.


More information

Would you like to know more about achieving a higher adolescent growth and about Tentego products? Then please contact: Tentego bv, +31 (0)297 280 700

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